Tuesday, January 31, 2017

There was only the moon. A perfect crescent. Tilted upwards. And above it, a single star. Blazing. 

‘Wow,’ the boy said, and the three dogs looked to the sky.

‘It’s my birthday star,’ Pete said, when it was clear that everyone was amazed. 

The big dogs looked at Pete, and then to the boy, who was looking at Pete as well. 

Pete only continued to look upwards. At the star. His birthday star. 

‘Snacks and presents,’ he finally said, and turned and marched back to the house.                



  1. Tell me more! My students and I live the whimsy and inspiration we find when reading your posts. Please keep posting.

    1. Hello Tina Marie ... Belated Thanks to you and your students for reading! Lost track of time there for a spell. We'll get back to regular posting. At least try :)